Wetsuit BUNI ZipFree 2mm

Soft, comfortable and reliable wetsuit giving you the maximum freedom of movements and which won't fail you any time

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Wetsuit BUNI ZipFree 2mm

Made of one of the most popular soft neoprene Nam Liong AquaStretch with 2mm width
There's also an optin to add a front or back zipper.

Why should you consider choosing this model you ask?

  • Exclusive design, you can customize the way you want if you choose Individual variant (you can choose additional logos and colors)
  • This wetsuit doesn't have a zipper and gives you a full freedom of movement
  • Model is sewed seamlessly and glued with hermetic glue, which will not allow the wetsuit to leak too much to coolen a user
  • Anatomic design: the model was designed by professional swimmers who made it very comfortable to use
  • AquaStretch surface is soft, elastic and comfortable

This model is available for custom plan, so you can get a unique wetsuit made specially for you and 34 measurements will help to make it perfectly fit.

Additional bonus is one year vendor's guarantee, which gives you a free maintenance*

* Guarantee is for any seams types and the guarantee period starts after a purchase delivery

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