Гидрокостюм Yamamoto PRO BUNI 1,5/2/3/4 мм


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1. Made of Yamamoto neoprene

2. Cross Shoulders technology creates free hand movement without the slightest tension during the stroke, which increases efficiency, relieves stress from the hands during swimming, increases the wear resistance of the wetsuit.

3. The Protected Fit technology provides 100% COMFORTABLE FIXATION of the THROAT CUFF, as well as the cuffs of the arms and legs, protects against water leakage, chafing and allows you to quickly and easily remove the wetsuit.

4. The suit is completely anatomical. Follows the contours and natural curves of the body.

5. All zipper parts we use are Japanese YKK.

+ From Japanese neoprene NANO CAMPOSIT SKIN Yamamoto!

+ Yamamoto Aerodomes neoprene panels on chest and hips! For improved body balance in the water and lift above the water!

+ WaterWing panels are installed on the forearm to increase the efficiency of the stroke!

+ COLORS: Silver, blue, gold, purple + burgundy, green for customization!!

+ Ruler with sizes: S, SM, M, ML, L designed for the Russian figure!

A unique feature of this wetsuit model is the possibility of individual tailoring and personalization of the suit.

Possessing any type of figure, any build, the owner of the wetsuit gets a perfectly fitting and completely repeating all the contours of the body.
The BUNI wetsuit is ideal for swimming in water at temperatures as low as 10 degrees.

Provides warmth, comfort and maximum glide.

How are neoprene thicknesses arranged:
Chest - upper part - Aerodomes | Hip right and left - Aerodomes | Forearm - WaterWing
Back - shoulder blade area - 3 mm | Back - lumbar region - 3 mm
Arms - shoulder area - 1.5 mm | Hands - forearm area - 2 mm | Legs - thigh in front - 3 mm
Legs - lower leg in front - 3 mm | Legs - back thigh - 3 mm | Legs - lower leg at the back - 4 mm

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