Wetsuit BUNI SWIM STAR 3/2mm Swimrun

Easy to remove, you can unzip the zipper at any time!

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The Swimrun Swimstar Buni is designed and built for the Swimrun multi-race.

The wetsuit is made from a combination of very soft Yamamoto neoprene in various thicknesses, all seams are taped at the seams for maximum elasticity.

The top of the construction is made of a thin material 1.5 mm on one side smooth for max glide, on the other side the fabric is superstretch.

The hips are made of 3 mm neoprene, which gives optimal buoyancy to the body.

The suit is equipped with a secure front zipper and two inside pockets.

Wateria.ru store specialists recommend this model to men and women for training and participating in the Swimrun multi-race.

Model Features:

• suit of an anatomical shape, taking into account the features of the figure;
• made of a combination of elastic neoprene of various thicknesses of Yamamoto brand of a well-known Japanese manufacturer;
• low - profile comfortable neck seal with Velcro ;
• lightning in front;
• all seams are securely glued and stitched;
• fabric insert in the area between the legs, provides comfortable and reliable operation on the run; - bright color of the arms and back provides excellent visibility in the water;

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