Wetsuit with excellent support on the water, warm and comfortable!

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YAMAMOTO SCS-NANO neoprene wetsuit. It is this type of neoprene designed for the best hydrodynamics, which is very important for swimming in open water and triathlon!

What are the advantages, what is its difference from most wetsuits?

+ Super Stretch inner layer with 200 stretch!!! guarantees the most comfortable donning, anti-allergenic and very pleasant to the skin.

+ The anatomical cut of the suit follows all the contours of your body, and in combination with neoprene creates a unique streamlined shape for perfect glide in the water.

+ Fittings YKK - the best in the world in terms of technological qualities and reliability.

+ The wetsuit uses Cross Shoulders technology, which provides free extension of the arms due to the increased gusset of the sleeve.

+Protected Fit Technology - Provides a perfect fit around the neck, a snug fit, waterproof protection and unrivaled softness.

+ AERODOME inserts located on the chest and hips lift you above the water and fix you

body position in the water, creating your competitive advantage.

+ Water Wings inserts located in the forearm area, due to their texture, form micro swirls of water, in conjunction with the dynamics of the stroke, increasing your speed.

+ Combined with 4 thicknesses 1.5\2\3\4 mm. How are neoprene thicknesses arranged:
Chest - upper part - Aerodomes | Hip right and left - Aerodomes | Forearm - WaterWing

Back - shoulder blade area - 3 mm | Back - lumbar region - 3 mm

Arms - shoulder area - 1.5 mm | Hands - forearm area - 2 mm |

Legs - thigh in front - 3 mm Legs - lower leg in front - 3 mm | Legs - back thigh - 3 mm | Legs - lower leg at the back - 4 mm

+ Progressive design!

The BUNI SWIMMING PRO wetsuit is made for records and your victories! It combines all the qualities of the Top model: a high degree of comfort, gliding in the water, fast removal!

We recommend for water from 10 to 20 degrees!

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