Wetsuit with hood BUNI Slider Yamamoto #39

If there is an ideal freediving wetsuit in the world, then it is now in front of you.

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BUNI Slider Yamamoto Hooded Wetsuit #39

Manufactured in 4 thicknesses: 1.5, 2, 3 and 4 mm from premium Yamamoto neoprene, which is a leader among other manufacturers.
There are 7 colors to choose from: black, blue, silver, red, gold, green, purple.

Why is it worth paying attention to this particular model?

  • The wetsuit is separate, which means you can combine it with various jacket options, or use it separately depending on the temperature
  • The sleeves are made in a special freediving cut, which allows you to stretch your arms without resistance, as if you were not wearing a wetsuit.
  • The wetsuit is equipped with a hood - which provides additional streamlining and glide, and also prevents excessive water ingress
  • No zipper - this model does not have one, which gives even more comfort due to the lack of additional rigidity
  • The SCS coating is a high-tech coating that gives maximum glide in the water, and also additionally protects the wetsuit from damage.
  • The model is stitched with a "blind seam" and hermetically glued, which will not allow the wetsuit to take in excess water and cool the swimmer
  • Anatomical cut - experienced freedivers took part in the development of the cut, thanks to which it was possible to achieve maximum comfort in the model
  • Hypoallergenic neoprene - made from natural limestone, this neoprene does not cause allergic skin reactions even in the most sensitive people
In the best traditions, this model is available for individual tailoring, which means that there is an opportunity to get a unique and the only one in the world tailor-made for you (34 measurements) wetsuit. Also, if desired, there is a service of applying individual logos in order to make it even more vivid and memorable.

A nice bonus to all of the above is a manufacturer's warranty, which gives you the right to free service *

* The warranty covers all seams and is valid for one year from the date of receipt of the wetsuit.

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