Wetsuit Shorty BUNI Yamamoto

If you were searching for a short wetsuit made of soft neoprene and comfortable design then this is exactly what you need

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Wetsuit Shorty BUNI Yamamoto

This model is made of Yamamoto premium neoprene, leading neoprene vendor, with 4 different width: 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm and 4mm.
You can choose from 7 different color schemes: black, blue, silver, red, golden, green, purple.

Why should you consider choosing this model you ask?

  • This is a short model, which will protect you from sun and prevent overheating in warm water
  • Sleeves have anatomic design which will make you feel so comfortable like without a wetsuit at all
  • YKK Zipper is a top japanese quality furniture and guarantees a long and reliable service
  • SCS is high-tech surface, giving maximum sliding in water and protecting a wetsuit from damage
  • Model is sewed seamlessly and glued with hermetic glue, which will not allow the wetsuit to leak too much to coolen a user
  • Hypoallergenic neoprene is made of a natural limestone and prevents even most sensitive people from allergic reaction

This model is available for custom plan, so you can get a unique wetsuit made specially for you and 34 measurements will help to make it perfectly fit. Also you can add a custom logo to make it more eye-catching.

Additional bonus is one year vendor's guarantee, which gives you a free maintenance*

* Guarantee is for any seams types and the guarantee period starts after a purchase delivery

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