Гидрокостюм SwimRun BUNI 1.5 мм

Now there is the possibility of individual tailoring, the choice of color, thickness and other additions!

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The new product from BUNI SwimRun will delight all lovers of swimrun, triathlon, as well as just swimming, because now there is the possibility of individual tailoring according to your measurements, you can also choose the color of the material, thickness and much more. The wetsuit of your dreams can now become a reality.

Why choose this particular model:

  • Individual tailoring - now you do not need to think about whether a certain size will suit you, just order, and we will take measurements and make for you the wetsuit you dreamed of!
  • Innovative material - Yamamoto 39 neoprene is the standard: lightness, elasticity, wear resistance, thermal insulation - exactly the qualities that are so valued in good wetsuits.
  • SwimPockets - in this model there are so beloved "pockets" for sports nutrition, which greatly facilitates the passage of the distance and frees the athlete from thinking about where to store it.
  • A variety of colors and your own design - be special, now you have the opportunity to choose where and what the color of your wetsuit will be, do not follow the crowd, but be ahead, be a creator!
Order an individual tailoring of a wetsuit and other neoprene products according to the client's measurements on the WATERIA.ru website and be ahead!

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