Wetsuit BUNI YAMAMOTO #39 SUPERSTRETCH 3mm (no lining, female variant)

New from BUNI, which will delight freediving enthusiasts, because it was created just for them, now in Japanese YAMAMOTO #39 neoprene. Well-known trainers and freedivers participated in the development!

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The wetsuit is made from the highest quality Japanese Yamamoto #39 neoprene in the industry. This neoprene has become the benchmark for performance thanks to its softness, wear resistance and outstanding thermal insulation properties.

Neoprene manufactured by Yamamoto has significantly better thermal insulation compared to products from other companies due to the ideal density and arrangement of air bubbles in the neoprene structure. The joints of the costume parts are glued with soft Japanese glue and stitched with Blinde Stitch.

The wetsuit consists of two parts: High pants and a jacket with a helmet, with a favorite for freedivers, an open pore!

Factors that will help you decide that this model is exactly what you have been looking for:

This model has a cut with a minimum number of seams, the armpit area is made in the form of a gusset, which prevents the formation of wrinkles in this area and eliminates discomfort during active hand movements.
The jacket fastens with a convenient Velcro, which saves a lot of time.
The anatomical cut, taking into account our RUSSIAN body builds, was chosen as the most universal. All seams are glued and blind stitched (without penetrating the neoprene, which prevents water from entering the seams)
Individual tailoring, which can be carried out both at the store address and at a distance, allows the freediver to exclude possible force majeure with a mismatch in size that may occur when ordering a standard suit. It will also make you a happy owner of a wetsuit, which will be tailored specifically for you, taking into account the characteristics of the athlete's body.
Logo - now an individual suit can be made even more individual, putting on your suit: First Name, Last Name, City, Club Name and so on, everything is in your hands and wetsuit!

Wetsuit with an open cell inside and material on the outside, the suit is worn on a wet body with soap, the fabric on the outside prevents possible damage.

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