Wetsuit BUNI Yamamoto SWIM STAR 2/1,5 мм

Thin and stretchy wetsuit, perfect for open water activities and freediving in the pool.

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The BUNI Swim star 2/1.5 wetsuit is made of Yamamoto SCS neoprene with a nano coating for better glide.

Improved design of the model, large gusset sleeves, for free stretching and carrying hands!

1.5mm Yamamoto Neoprene is soft and super stretchable at the upper torso for maximum comfort in breathing and movement.

2mm neoprene with a tighter fit around the hips and legs for great compression and lift your hips while you swim!

Great for freediving in the pool and warm seas. It is also a unique hybrid for open water swimming and snorkeling.
The recommended temperature is 18-25 degrees. A unique feature of the wetsuit is the double-layered neck seal to reduce water leakage.

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