Balaklava helmet BUNI

Balaclava helmet BUNI, a comfortable stay in the harshest water conditions. At the most extreme low temperatures!

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Swimming with a helmet has never been so comfortable! With the new BUNI model - Balaclava helmet made of thin and elastic neoprene. You will forever forget about the cold, and because of its streamlined shape, you will get even more glide in the water.

The model will also be useful for freediving enthusiasts, because of its versatility, this helmet can be worn with almost any available wetsuit, as a result of which you can get a full-fledged wetsuit with a hood, without fear that water will enter the wetsuit through the neck.

Why You Can't Stop Buying:

  • Maintaining a comfortable temperature - no matter where you are: at sea, in cold waters, or just in the pool, it will warm you up and free your head from unnecessary thoughts! =)
  • Gliding - the streamlined shape of the helmet will give the swimmer the greatest speed, which will only help him achieve new heights!
  • Choice of color - in our set of 5 colors: black, silver, red, blue and gold!
  • Guarantees - the manufacturer is Russia, and we are proud of what we do, and we have no doubts about our products, that's why we give a guarantee for a whole year! experts recommend this model for open water, pool, freediving, triathlon and all kinds of water sports!
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