Shorts BUNI AeroYama 2/4mm

The new GlideAero shorts are designed to be a one-stop solution for any kind of water sport, be it Triathlon and Swimming or SWIMRUN.

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The new GlideAero shorts developed by BUNI are designed to be an all-in-one solution for any kind of watersport, be it Triathlon and Swimming or SWIMRUN.

This model uses the revolutionary Yamamoto AeroDom neoprene, which, at 4mm thick, offers the same buoyancy and warmth as a 6mm material. That's not all, this model also uses Yamamoto 45 material, which in turn gives the athlete a bright look, and greater protection of the material from damage, including the most common - nail hooks.

Prepare your wallets, because this model will forever remain in your memory as the best buy, and will also delight you with the following:

  • GlideAero shorts will become your assistant and faithful companion, both in the pool and on the open water.
  • Maintaining a comfortable body temperature - 4 mm Yamamoto neoprene will not let you freeze or, on the contrary, overheat - and at the same time give excellent buoyancy and glide
  • Training - for those with buoyancy issues or just need to practice their stroke, the shorts will keep you on the raft and all you have to do is learn the technique
  • Tailored completely to your individual measurements, every millimeter of neoprene will be made according to the contours of your body, and the ability to add different colors will make you the most original and will forever remain in the memory of your rivals
  • Thinner inserts made of ultra-soft Yamamoto Japanese neoprene provide a comfortable fit. experts recommend this model for open water, pool, triathlon and all kinds of water sports!

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